eNewsletter 21 May 2020 – Doing Business in the Mid-Western Region – COVID-19 Business Support

Economic Development Team - Mid-Western Regional Council - Mudgee Region Business

The 21 May 2020 special edition outlines Council’s new ‘Local Business Booster Program’ and other support available from Council, the NSW Government and Australian Government. This edition also contains details of various grants on offer to small businesses by non-Government organisations. Additionally, this edition contains details of many free business webinars and courses, and the Red Cross’ Bushfire Recovery Grants. Finally, local businesses are still invited to take Council’s ‘Local Business Solar Energy Project’ survey.

Read this special edition here.

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Council’s Economic Development team publishes the ‘Doing Business in the Mid-Western Region’ e-newsletter for business owners and residents with an interest in the Mid-Western Region.

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