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How ego affects your business

Organiser: BEC Business Advice
29 September 2020, Tuesday
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join Steve Barker from I am Enough Coaching as he deep dives into your belief system and discusses how your ego may be affecting your business. Learn how to create an environment that best suits you and your business by becoming aware of your subconscious filters and by raising your conscious awareness to them.

Did you know:
> How we interpret the world is as unique as the fingerprint on the end of your finger.
> How you choose to interpret what is happening around you is your choice.
> We are bombarded with over 2 million bits of information every second.
> We can only process an average of 5 to 9 bits of information at anyone given moment.

So then, what happens to the 1,999991 bits of information that are left over?

This is what we will discover.

Because there is a very high chance that some of these 1,999991 are crucial to your business and you are currently throwing them away.

We will also discuss the impact of your Ego on your choices, thoughts, decisions and actions. This will assist you to recognise your Ego and the Ego of others, which can and does lead to terrible workplace cultures.


BEC Business Advice
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