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Crafting your unique selling point

16 June 2022, Thursday
10:00 am - 11:30 am


Join us for this critical session on developing your USP. Are you scratching your head over what a unique selling proposition is or why you need one? By the end of this workshop, you will understand how to position your brand to stand out from your competition. You will know the key thing that set you apart from everyone else, and how to capture your USP is a single, pithy sentence or phrase.


* What a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is
* How to list the differentiators of your brand
* How to research your competitors USPs
* How to define your audience’s needs
* How to craft your USP to appeal to your most valuable customer (MVC)

​Get ready to set yourself apart from the pack. Your USP is the key to setting the tone for your brand.


– You must be registered with the Business Connect program.
– You should be logged in & registered for the Webinar MS Team meeting at least 5 minutes prior.
– Have a pen & paper ready to write down your questions, as well as a bottle of water.
– Online video recordings & resources will be available for those who attend.


This webinar is aimed at small businesses throughout NSW who have just started or have an established business and we have the capacity to host up to 500 people.

This webinar will take place on MS Teams, click below to book. You will receive the MS Teams link in an email prior to the workshop. This will be a live online event which will be recorded. The recording and resources will be sent to attendee’s in due course.

The NSW government Business Connect program has fully funded this webinar. The hours you attend webinars in addition to any one-on-one advisory provided will be deducted from the hours allocated to you under the program. Customers may typically access up to 8 hours of support per year (Inc. events and advisory) however, this may be extended dependent on individual circumstances.


Tony Brindley – Business Connect Advisor

Tony is a qualified accountant who has worked at the Australian Tax Office as a GST and New Business Advisor. He has been helping small businesses and has extensive experience with businesses specialising in: horticulture, creative publishing, retailing, and e-commerce over many years.

Tony knows the highs and lows of running a small business as well as the impact it can have on family members. He is keen to help you pull everything together and work out effective ways of organising and running your business. This includes help with: start-ups and business plans, cash flows, budgeting, costings, business exit plans, e-commerce, multi channel selling, inventory management, impacts of margins and discounts, bookkeeping and accounting.

In addition to his small business experience, Tony holds a Bachelor of Financial Administration and is a Certified Practicing Accountant.


Maureen Shelley

Maureen Shelley is an experienced writer, editor and digital strategist. Formerly a nationally syndicated journalist for News Corp (Australia), at TCC, Maureen focuses on digital content and feature campaigns. With masters’ degrees in law, business and social administration as well as a decade in business Maureen knows the theory, practice, pain and delights of small business.

Maureen is an international speaker, having presented on the technology of content marketing at the International Summit on Content Marketing, Salesforce World Tour, and Small Business Month.


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