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Leadership & Career Coach, Leadership facilitator, HR Consultant - The Centre for Executive Development

I am sure that we have all heard people say: “promote me and I will show you what I’ve got”.  That, of course, presents a pretty risky scenario for the Manager who is responsible for selecting the best candidate.

Instead, if the candidate discovered, or was shown, what behaviours and values were important at that more senior level, and started acting as if they were already in position, then it would take a lot of guesswork (and risk) out of the equation.  In that scenario the Manager would be saying: “they’re ready, they are already behaving as if they are in the role.”

So where does the junior employee find out what is required?  Well, they could read about it in a position description … but it would mean so much more if they saw those attributes being lived by me as their manager and leader.

And so, if I am setting myself for promotion, I should start behaving and working as if I am already in the role.  On the other hand, if I am the Manager, I need to start modeling those behaviours and values that I want to see in others.

Pearl Daly-Swords

Leadership & Career Coach, Leadership facilitator, HR Consultant - The Centre for Executive Development

Pearl is a Leadership & Career Coach, the Managing Director at the Centre for Executive Development (CED) and is based in Mudgee. With over 20 years’ HR and consulting experience in supporting other leaders to be the very best that they can be, Pearl is passionate about helping ambitious leaders to realise their true potential.

In her career to date Pearl has supported individuals and organisations in the areas of: recruitment and strategic talent acquisition; talent and succession management strategy (incl creation of leading-edge tools and processes for identification and subsequent development of high potential leaders) and the development of coaching and mentoring programs with a neuroscience bent.

To date, Pearl has coached and/or mentored leaders from across Australia, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, America, Brazil, China, Japan, Singapore and India and across diverse industries such as biotechnology, medical device, manufacturing, facilities management, client services, information technology, financial services and aeronautical engineering.

Having facilitated workshops in Australia, the South Pacific and Europe, Pearl has special interests in the design and development of leadership development programs with a strong flair for neuroscience, coaching and/or mentoring components. She is also incredibly passionate about enhancing innovation in Australia and supporting the development of STEM subjects.

Pearl holds doctorate and undergraduate degrees in Chemistry with additional certifications in the Neuroscience of Coaching from the Neuroleadership Institute and accreditation in the NeuroTREAD framework - how we think, regulate, engage, adapt and develop with the brain in mind. She is also accredited in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Depending on the nature and scale of assignments, Pearl works with a group of trusted and experienced associate colleagues who are selected on the basis of your organisational needs.

You can find out more about Pearl’s background at her LinkedIn site: www.linkedin.com/in/drpearldaly/

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