PROPERTY STYLIST or INTERIOR DESIGNER… is there really a difference???

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Often, I am asked by clients, be they homeowners or selling agents, if there is any difference between property styling and interior design.
There is actually a huge difference – though property styling is a type of design, it is vastly different from interior design.
When property styling, we are preparing a home for sale while interior design refers to working one on one with a homeowner to personalise a design for their space and needs.

What really is property styling?
A professional property stylist’s goal is to emphasise the positive features of a property to make it a quick and profitable sale process.
For example, property stylist might bring more natural light into the home, and also create visual square meterage by arranging furniture in a more inviting way. Neutral tones and colours are chosen to appeal to a wide audience of potential buyers.  The end plan is to have as many purchasers as possible, fall in love with the property

And interior design?
An interior designer’s role is to ensure that a homeowner’s personal aesthetic is incorporated with the functionality they need for daily life. This includes customising things in the home like furniture, tiles, flooring and wall coverings to reflect the homeowner’s personal style. The end plan is for the homeowner to fall in love with the look and function of the space.

What does this look like in real life? 
Let us take a dining room and the options for decorating the walls….

What would the home stager do?
Bright or bold wallpaper in the dining room will not appeal to all potential buyers. This is where your property stylist would advise a fresh coat of paint, which is a lot simpler and will appeal to a larger spectrum of buyers.

What would the interior designer do?
An interior designer might personalise a home with fun and bold patterned wallpaper which incorporates well into the home’s entire design scheme, and showcases the special dining table you found on a trip to visit your sister in Mittagong.

One thing is for sure – property styling is the secret for optimising property sales, and our mission at Perfectly Sorted is to provide home sellers and real estate agents great value and service across regional NSW.

Ali Broinowski

Owner/Director/Wife/Mother/Ideas Lady - Perfectly Sorted

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