Localised Articles: a content marketing tool for your business

Head of Marketing and Communications - Localised

Content marketing is a great way to connect and engage with potential and existing customers. And it’s particularly good if you’re a business that doesn’t have a large advertising or marketing budget.

You can use Localised Articles as a way to directly communicate with other local businesses.

No noise. No filter.

The more people who can see you are an expert in your field, when they need supplies or have a problem that needs solving, your business will be top of mind.

Here’s some content ideas to help you get started:

  • Interview your customers. Ask them what they look for in a product or service.
  • Write about what you’ve learned from working in your industry – be an expert.
  • Collate relevant news articles, with a short introduction and conclusion. Make sure you avoid breaching copyright.
  • Choose some of your clients to interview for case studies.
  • Publish some industry data, perhaps with your own comments. Make sure you acknowledge the data source.

We feature new content in our regular updates to the Localised community, which means eyeballs on your brand, your business and your expertise.

Head of Marketing and Communications - Localised