B&B Styling – The Essentials for 2022

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The four reasons why you should style your B&B

As lockdowns end across the country, Aussies are looking to get away and enjoy weekend escapes for the first time in months. With short-term rentals rising in popularity, it’s important that your B&B stands out from the competition.

Having a cosy, comfortable and stylish getaway for your guests to relax in is all part of the B&B experience, and a beautifully designed space with chic interiors and thoughtful touches will give your guests the home-away-from-home experience they’re looking for. So, without further ado, here are four reasons why you should consider professional styling for your B&B.

  1. Take the stress out of styling. Professional B&B styling experts take the stress, time and energy out of preparing your B&B for guests. From the bedroom to the bathroom and the dining area beyond, stylists will create a seamlessly designed space that will give your property a unique edge and will have your guests leaving rave reviews.
  2. Breathe new life into your holiday rental. If your short-term rental is looking a little tired, professional stylists can help refresh your property. From a coat of fresh paint to selecting new art to hang on your walls, stylists can help create an unforgettable experience for new and returning guests.
  3. Mix function with style. Selecting the right furniture and furnishings for your B&B is crucial. It’s important to choose items that are not only stylish, but durable and easy to clean as well. An expert will take the guess work out of picking the right sofas, beds and décor that will not only look fabulous, but stand the test of time – meaning you’ll spend less time and money on replacing furniture every few months!
  4. Increase your tariff. Most importantly of all, offering stylish and chic properties with high-quality furnishings will enable you to charge premium prices and increase your profit margin. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate!

With a combined 10 years’ experience in the hotel and hospitality industry, Perfectly Sorted’s expert B&B styling team understand the guest experience and how to create showstopping interiors guaranteed to wow. Our expert team works closely with you to furnish and fit-out properties, capturing the unique charm and character of your holiday rental to bring your vision to life.

To find out more, or to book a complimentary B&B styling quote, call 02 6372 0050.

Owner/Director/Wife/Mother/Ideas Lady - Perfectly Sorted