Attention rural land holders, farmers and tourism operators….

Did you know that the NSW Government has released a discussion paper on proposed planning reforms for tourism in rural areas?

If you are thinking about diversifying your rural business with tourist accommodation, or planning on-farm events, or farm-gate sales, or any other business to attract visitors to rural areas, you need to have your say on the proposed changes.

If you need any help understanding what is proposed or drafting a submission, I can  help.  My name is Mark and I run a Mudgee-based town planning consultancy, Navigate Planning.

The Government’s plans are now on exhibition and you can read them here:

Submissions close on 19 April 2021.

Some of the suggestions are good, such as allowing some farm stay accommodation without the need for Council approval.

However, the proposed changes do not address the issue of providing tourist cabins on non-farm rural properties.

What else is good about the changes or what else is missing?

I will be preparing my own submission to the Government and I would love to hear your thoughts.  Call me on 0409 458 388.